CAT Tools

CAT Tools – indispensable!
Are you dealing with technical translations or DTP files? They can only be created properly with Trados or a similar program. We have been using these programs for years. We know how to use them to achieve better quality and a better price.

What is a CAT tool?

A CAT tool is a program that helps the translator to translate quickly, accurately and conveniently. CAT tools are not programs for automatic text translation, but optimise the translator’s work.

The group of CAT tools includes Trados, Wordfast, Transit or OmegaT. From the very beginning Slavis has always used Trados and Transit. Both of them are particularly effective in translating MS Office documents and DTP files, including Adobe Pagemaker, QuarkXpress, Indesign and FrameMaker.

Always ask for SDL Trados Studio!

When you contact a translation agency or translator, always ask whether the translation is done with SDL Trados or another CAT tool. With programs from the group of CAT tools (programs for computer-aided translation) your translation will be more precise and is very often completed within a shorter period of time – and is therefore cheaper.

How Trados works

The text entered in Trados is divided into several parts (the so-called segments). When translating, the translator can see exactly which segments have already been translated. When translating a segment, the program automatically suggests a translation if the same or a similar text section has been translated before.

If the translator receives a terminology list from the customer, which should be used when translating, the program will make sure that the appropriate technical term is used.

Thus SDL Trados Studio has three functions:

  • the program checks whether the whole text is translated
  • the program suggests translations for further text segments
  • the programme helps to maintain a consistent terminology
  • Trados stands for a translation agency with a better offer

Why do we use SDL Trados Studio in almost all the translations we produce? Because we can benefit a lot from it:

  • We have a better offer than other translation agencies (lower prices, shorter delivery time)
  • we can offer a higher quality
  • we offer better and better conditions for clients who entrust us with other similar texts